Subject to the following limitations, Zin Painting Inc. warrants labor and material for a period of twelve months after the date of completion of the work described on the front of your contract.  During this period, if peeling, blistering, or chipping paint occurs, Zin Painting Inc. will supply labor and materials to repair the condition free of charge.

In order for this warranty to be valid, you must:

  • Pay the full price as stated in the contract
  • Keep a copy of the original contract and evidence of payment
  • Ensure that the property is accessible to the painters who will perform the repairs

This warranty excludes and absolves Zin Painting Inc. of all responsibility in the case of:

  • Damages caused by accident or abuse of the property, weather changes, or normal wear and tear
  • Damages caused by defective paint
  • Damages caused by structural defects, or settling or movement of the property
  • Damages due to previous paint failures
  • Cracks in wood, plaster, or drywall
  • Work that was not performed by employees of Zin Painting Inc.

In the case of damages covered by this warranty, Zin Painting Inc. will perform repairs only on the area where chipping, blistering or peeling has occurred.  Also, Zin Painting Inc. will not be held responsible for ensuring an exact color match of the paint their painters use in making repairs as weathering can cause paint colors to change.

This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and covers only services performed by the contractor for the original purchaser.  This warranty may not be extended or altered in any way unless done so in a written document executed by all parties who are included in this contract.

Zin Painting Inc. is a Safe Certified firm that is fully insured and has an up to date WCB insurance.